Tarts to Tempt

Shortcrust Pastry :

This recipe makes what is probably the nicest shortcrust pastry, so, do as I say + you’ll never want to eat anyone elses tart’s again :


6oz Plain White Flour.

3oz Flora white or similar soft fat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sugar for the Tart + Caster Sugar for the top when it comes out of the oven.

A pinch of salt

1 glass/jug of cold water.

1 oven proof deep plate.

1 very small glass of milk + a pastry brush.

You will need a med / large baking bowl, an oven proof plate (either ceramic or glass) + a fork.


1st   –  Wipe the usable side of the plate all over with a small piece of the Flora white or similar.

2nd  –  Sieve the flour into the baking bowl, this really should be done from approx 12 inches above the rim of the bowl.

3rd  –  Once all of the flour is in the bowl, sprinkle the pinch of salt into it, next place the 3oz of fat into the bowl on top of the flour.

4th  –  With clean fingers (the preferred way, but you can wear thin rubber gloves for this, + no rings or bracelets or you’ll end up having to wash them out with a toothbrush) start to rub the soft fat into the flour.

5th  –  When all of the fat is successfully rubbed in, pour in the water (a little at a time) and mix it with the flour, until it resembles a smooth ball of dough.

6th  –  Sprinkle a little flour on the surface you are using to roll out the ball of dough, also, rub the rolling pin with some flour as well.

Cut the ball of dough in two, making the side that will go on top of the filling slightly bigger, (it depends on the amount of filling you intend to use).

7th  –  Using the rolling pin, roll out the base side + place it on the greased plate.

8th  –  For an Apple tart, peel the cooking apples, then cut them into slices, place the slices of apples on top of the pastry making sure you

leave space around the rim to press both sides of dough together, to seal the apples + their flavor in.

9th  –  Place the 2nd sheet of dough on top, pressing it down on the rim of the plate by using the fork, once you have this done, use a

kitchen knife to cut off the spare pastry. Using the fork next, prick the pastry to allow excess heat to escape.

Finally, using the pastry brush, paint the dough on top of the filling with the milk, this will give the pastry a lovely golden shade

when it comes out of the oven.

10th  – Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, place the tart on the middle shelf and bake for  approx 30mins – 45mins, or until the pastry is a

gorgeous golden color. On taking it out of the oven place it on a wire tray to cool down.

                                                                                                  The End.

My first day back at work!

I spent Monday + Tuesday at work, now I haven’t been at work in a long long time, and I must say I really enjoyed it. When I really get started (at the moment I am waiting for my police certificate to be completed) it will be for approx 3 days a week in the reception at the IWA office in Limerick. So I will still be able to do some writing the other days. I have 2 books so far, for sale on Amazon and one of them is also for sale on the Authorhouse site. Anyway it is a fine afternoon here in Limerick City, but I just have to comment on the jerk(s) who called in with the story of the young woman jumping off the bridge the other night into the Shannon. The emergency services were inaction for hours searching the river in the dark only to find out later that it was a bogus call. If that person(s) are identified they should be charged with theft, I believe that they robbed the emergency workers of peace of mind, the cost of all of the equipment they used on the night and the upheaval it caused to all the residents of the city listening to it all into the wee hours.

Introducing the WP Photos App for Firefox OS

Anyone missing a cat?

The WordPress.com Blog

WP Photos is a nifty new photoblogging app for Firefox OS that works with your WordPress.com or self-hosted WordPress blog.

wp photo app 1

Photo sharing made simple

WP Photos is a straightforward, no-nonsense photoblogging app that streamlines your photo sharing experience. Take a picture. Add a title, caption, tags, and a short message. Then, upload it to your blog. It’s as simple as that!

wp photo app 2

What is Firefox OS?

Created by Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox web browser, Firefox OS is an operating system that debuted earlier this year and powers smartphones in thirteen countries across Europe, Latin America, and South America — and more to come. Firefox OS is similar to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems, but one notable thing setting it apart is its reliance on Open Web Standards instead of proprietary technologies.

Download the app now

WP Photos is currently featured in the Firefox Marketplace. If you…

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Focused on Fiction: Five Storytelling Tips

A great NaNoWriMo !

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November — and with it, NaNoWriMo — might be drawing to a close, but fiction writers don’t stop telling stories just because another page is torn from the calendar. And whatever the season, slapping sentences into a compelling narrative is never easy.

We’ve all heard the common axioms recited to writers everywhere: “Write everyday!” “Show, don’t tell!” “Write about what you know!” Sometimes, though, it’s a good idea to try something different to get the creative juices flowing in new directions. Here are five writing tips that might sound counterintuitive at first, but could potentially help you cross a word-count threshold, smash through a writer’s block, or just come up with a new story idea.

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Handwritten Stories in a Digital Age: PostSecret.com and More

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In our digital age, we interact with new technologies each day, yet some of us also pine for the past: we cherish handwritten things and value — even fetishize — physical objects. Posts like “Diaries and Connections to the Past” and “Found Objects and Books” reveal a collective nostalgia.

Consider a diary hidden in a shoebox. Postcards from your best friend, traveling around the world. Or a stack of letters from a secret lover. We view messages crafted by hand as more personal and meaningful — check out Cristina Vanko’s handwritten texts as modern-day snail mail. Words from our pens stand the test of time, and are viewed as more intimate — and meant to be shared and carefully considered by you, the reader.

PostSecret: Now on WordPress.com

We’re happy to announce that PostSecret, founded by Frank Warren, has made its home on WordPress.com as one of our newest

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