My first day back at work!

I spent Monday + Tuesday at work, now I haven’t been at work in a long long time, and I must say I really enjoyed it. When I really get started (at the moment I am waiting for my police certificate to be completed) it will be for approx 3 days a week in the reception at the IWA office in Limerick. So I will still be able to do some writing the other days. I have 2 books so far, for sale on Amazon and one of them is also for sale on the Authorhouse site. Anyway it is a fine afternoon here in Limerick City, but I just have to comment on the jerk(s) who called in with the story of the young woman jumping off the bridge the other night into the Shannon. The emergency services were inaction for hours searching the river in the dark only to find out later that it was a bogus call. If that person(s) are identified they should be charged with theft, I believe that they robbed the emergency workers of peace of mind, the cost of all of the equipment they used on the night and the upheaval it caused to all the residents of the city listening to it all into the wee hours.

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